And so it was with intense trepidation that the marketing of what had been home to our family for 53 years was undertaken.

Enter Sheila Gallagher…introduced through an exuberant unequivocal recommendation from a highly regarded family friend.

Sheila immediately tailored her approach to our situation with sensitivity and astuteness. This allowed me a critical sense of well-being throughout the process, that Sheila was the right choice!

Her repertoire amassed over her many years is impressive and winning by all accounts. Boundless energy and diligence have afforded her an enviable client base from which to draw adding greater exposure to one’s property.  I feel fortunate as a beneficiary of her exemplary attributes.

Lynn Shoemaker-Hall

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Sheila assures you a smooth and profitable transaction while guiding you through the financial and emotional intricacies of your sale and/or purchase resulting in the highest and best return on your primary investment.

(416) 930-7750