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Aphabetized by Street Name:

Properties with a number = condo building
Properties with an * = provided the buyer
A - C

132 Aerodrome Cres 
Airdrie Road
Aldbury Gardens
Alexandra Blvd
Alvin Avenue
38 Avenue Road
575 Avenue Road
616 Avenue Road
Avenue Road
10 Avoca Avenue
20 Avoca Avenue
38 Avoca Avenue
Avondale Avenue *
Balmoral Avenue
1 Balmoral Avenue 
95 Bathurst Street *
Bay Street
Bayview Wood
Bernard Avenue
Blythwood Road
Bowood Avenue
Braeside Road
Briar Hill Avenue
Broadway Avenue
Brookdale Avenue
Brooke Avenue *
Bryce Avenue
Buckingham Avenue
21 Burkebrook Place 
Burnside Drive
1 Chedington Place *
Cheltenham Avenue
Chestnut Park
Cloverlawn Avenue
Coldstream Avenue
Conway Avenue
Cornish Road
Cortleigh Boulevard
Cottingham Street *
Cranbrooke Avenue
Croydon Road

D - F

21 Dale Avenue 
Davisville Avenue
Dawlish Avenue
1 Deer Park Cres
Delisle Avenue *
Devere Gardens
Dinnick Crescent
Doncliffe Drive
Donegall Drive *
Douglas Drive
Duncairn Road
Duncannon Drive
Dundalk Drive *
Dundonald Street
Durie Street *
Eastbourne Avenue
Edgar Avenue
Ellis Avenue
Elm Avenue
Esgore Drive
Farnham Avenue
Forest Hill Road
Forest Hill Road
Forsyth Road

G - I

Garden Avenue*
Garfield Avenue
Geraldton Crescent *
Glen Road
Glencairn Avenue
Glenforest Road
Glenrose Avenue
Golfdale Road
Gordon Road
Grand Trunk Crescent*
Greer Road
Grey Road
Harper Avenue
Harris Avenue*
Helendale Avenue
Highbourne Road
Highland Avenue *
Hillholm Road
Hillhurst Boulevard
60 Homewood Avenue *
Hudson Drive
Indian Road
Inglewood Drive

J - L

9 Jackes Avenue
Jainey Place
Jedburgh Road *
Joseph Duggan Road
Kendal Avenue
Kenilworth Avenue
1005 King Street West*
1030 King Street West*
Leacrest Road
Lonsdale Road
Lynwood Avenue
Lytton Park

M - O

MacPherson Avenue
Manor Road East
Maple Avenue
Marlborough Avenue 
Mason Boulevard
McGill Street *
Merton Street
319 Merton Street 
Mildenhall Road
Mill Street *
Millwood Road
Old Forest Hill Road
Old Yonge Street
Oriole Parkway
Otter Crescent
Owen Boulevard

P - R

Peebles Avenue
Pine Forest Road
Poplar Plains Road
55 Prince Arthur Ave
955 Queen Street West
993 Queen Street West
Queen Victoria Avenue *
Rean Drive *
438 Richmond Street West*
Ridge Drive 
Riverview Drive
Rochester Avenue
Roe Avenue
Rosedale Road
31 Rosedale Road
120 Rosedale Valley Rd
70 Rosehill Avenue
Rosewell Avenue
Roslin Avenue
Rothmere Road
Roxborough Drive
Roxborough Street *
Roxton Road
Rumsey Road *
Russell Hill Road

S - U

Sackville Street *
Scenic Millway
Scholfield Avenue *
20 & 25 Scrivener Square *
Shaftesbury Avenue
Sherwood Avenue
Shudell Avenue *
Simpson Avenue *
140 South Drive
South Drive
736 Spadina Avenue
235 St. Clair Ave West
47 St. Clair Ave West
61 St. Clair Ave West
63 St. Clair Ave West
St. Clements Avenue
St. Germain Avenue
St. Nicholas Street 
Strachan Avenue
Stratford Crescent
Stratford Crescent
Stratheden Road
Stratheden Road
Strathgowan Crescent
Sunnydene Crescent
Teddington Park
225 The Donway West 
245 The Donway West *
7 Thornwood Road
Three Valleys Drive *
Tudor Gate

V - Z

220 Victoria Street*
Walker Avenue
Walmsley Blvd 
Welland Avenue
Whitehall Road
205 Wynford Drive *
3900 Yonge Street
2900 Yonge Street
3600 Yonge Street
3800 Yonge Street
1815 Yonge Street*

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